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Founded in Thomasville, North Carolina, SPTCSS is 30-year seasoned professional of the transportation industry. With a focus on logistics, warehousing, and safety, I provide comprehensive services designed to enhance operational efficiency and compliance. I bring years of experience and industry-specific knowledge to offer tailored solutions and training programs. At SPTCSS, I pride myself on the commitment to the clients' success, offering innovative strategies and insights that drive growth and improvement.

Hello and greetings I am Christi Tucker, a loyal professional who has dedicated her life's career work to the Transportation Industry and its Motor Carriers for three decades, focusing on my skills as a Transportation Specialist. Throughout my journey, I have acquired a profound understanding of the challenges faced by the Motor Carrier Companies in this field. My unwavering mission is to provide tailored and comprehensive solutions that empower those companies to make effective operations, enhance safety protocols, and ultimately achieve their business goals.

My realization of the importance of the compliance of the safety regulations within the transportation sector has been a driving force in my career. I am acutely aware of the catastrophic repercussions of road incidents involving trucks , impacting not only individuals but also the organizations as well. This awareness has enabled me to excel and to assist Motor Carriers in safety practices and training for their companies.

With a focus on regulatory compliance and the extensive regulations that govern the transportation industry, it can be overwhelming for Motor Carrier Companies, particularly smaller businesses, to navigate compliance requirements. I have a strong ability to stay current with the constantly evolving regulations and directives, and can effectively guide Trucking Companies through the necessary steps to achieve compliance as mandated by the directives.

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