Industry Trainings

Our Online Self-Paced Supervisors & Driver Managers Alcohol & Safety Course is specifically tailored to empower transportation supervisors and driver managers with the critical knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a safe and compliant workplace. This comprehensive course delves into key areas such as understanding federal DOT alcohol and drug testing regulations, recognizing signs of substance abuse, implementing effective intervention strategies, and fostering a culture of safety and compliance. Delivered through an intuitive online platform, participants have the flexibility to complete the course at their own pace, balancing their professional responsibilities with ongoing education. Developed by industry experts, the curriculum includes real-life scenarios, interactive components, and practical tools to ensure that supervisors and driver managers are well-equipped to handle sensitive situations with confidence and professionalism. By completing this course, you will enhance your ability to ensure adherence to safety protocols, promote a safe working environment, and contribute to the overall success and efficiency of your transportation operations.